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A Romantic Wedding Anniversary Toast
There are a lot of toasts in the world that are supposed to be meaningful and romantic. However, the best toast to get romantic with is the wedding anniversary toast. This is because the wedding anniv...
by James Nardel  on  18th Aug,08  
Relationship  Views  7179
The Best Time To Get Married
Before you do anything else planning your wedding you must set your wedding date. It is a fun project, but be prepared to be challenged. Determining the best possible wedding date sounds easier than i...
by George Meszaros  on  18th Aug,08  
Relationship  Views  7226
Relationship Advice: How To Recover From An Affair
We never think that our relationship will experience the tragedy of an affair. No one ever expects it, but it happens to so many nonetheless. Often, both partners want to put the relationship back tog...
by Steve Roberts  on  18th Aug,08  
Relationship  Views  7174
Should I Lie to Protect the Relationship?
Remember how your relationship was in the very beginning?

You stayed up all night talking about everything - your dreams and desires and even the things that scare or embarrass you. But then, a...
by Paul Sterling & Kristin Denton  on  18th Aug,08  
Relationship  Views  7196
How to Become Lucky!
Everyone feels down on their luck from time to time. Bad luck can range from the the most minuscule things such as a misplaced sock, to more serious and important aspects of your life, such as job pro...
by ArtOfFengShuiInc  on  18th Aug,08  
Self Improvement  Views  7189
Learn to Type Fast
There are many ways to learn how to do something, but there are only a few ways to learn how to do something correctly. Learning to type fast is very important skill, for almost every job. From office...
by Dana H  on  18th Aug,08  
Self Improvement  Views  7256
3 Bizarre Reasons Why People Lie
In order for an individual to detect that a person is telling a lie, the person needs to understand the psychology of lying to know the reason behind the act.

In fact, having knowledge on the...
by Michael Lee  on  18th Aug,08  
Self Improvement  Views  7262
Examples on Body Language and Their Meanings
Body language is a vital part of the whole communication process. It can determine either a positive or negative reaction from the one you are talking to.

Examples on body language may come ...
by Michael Lee  on  18th Aug,08  
Self Improvement  Views  7261
Can Listening to Music Help Us Work Better
There are many people who like to listen to music while they work and I am certainly one of them. I find it helps me focus more on the task at hand. Of course I can imagine that there are people who l...
by Mike Seddon  on  18th Aug,08  
Self Improvement  Views  7243
Acne Homemade Remedies - Better, Cleaner, Cheaper
There are so many OTC (over the counter) acne medications that some stores haven't enough room to display them all. Prescription medications for acne are plentiful, too, as well as costly. What if you...
by Trevor Mulholland  on  14th Jul,09  
Skin Hair And Nail  Views  7208
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