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How to Walk Confidently in Sexy High Heels
Wearing and walking in sexy high heels is a totally different walking experience and it is not too difficult. With a bit of practice, you'll step out in high heels in no time. After you wea...
by Ino Souw  on  11th Jul,09  
Fashion  Views  7193
Sexy High Heels: 5 Things Why so Many Men are Mad About Them
Have you ever been in this situation? When you were wearing sexy high heels to a mall or public place for example, all eyes especially men’s were directed to you, or when you were with your boyfrie...
by Ino Souw  on  11th Jul,09  
Fashion  Views  7196
5 Tips for Choosing Sexy High Heels
It is a well known fact that the right pair of high heels can make your feet look sexy. The first rule of high heel shoe shopping is ‘the higher the heel, the more you should spend.’ That doesn't ...
by Ino Souw  on  11th Jul,09  
Fashion  Views  7200
Attract Girls in Bookstalls and Bookshops
Picking up women in libraries

Bookshops are a fantastic location to pickup smart women as they’re always crowded (especially the massive libraries) with women who have more goi...
by Alex Coulson  on  10th Jul,09  
Relationship  Views  7171
How to Attract Girls - Why 90% of Guys Fail?
No matter how much we women try to kid ourselves and think that we’re all completely individual people and that there’s no way to really attract any woman, there are several things that never fail ...
by Cindy Ramirez  on  10th Jul,09  
Relationship  Views  7164
Tips for Attracting Girls
Attracting a girl is not as hard as what a lot of guys make it out to be. You don't have to be super good looking, rich, or have a body like Tom Brady. But there are some things that will ...
by Alex Coulson  on  10th Jul,09  
Relationship  Views  7174
How To Attract Girls Just By Your Attitude and Outlook
Want to know  how to attract girls ? Well, its not all about looks and style.  Before all the clothing advice and cologne choices, you first must understand that attraction not only is in th...
by Chase Chandler  on  10th Jul,09  
Relationship  Views  7180
6 Powerful Techniques That Really Attract Women
So the big question is "What attracts women?". Most men usually think that women are attracted only to men who look good, have a 6-pack, rich, famous, and the whole enchilada.
But the ...
by Oliver Turner  on  05th Jul,09  
Relationship  Views  7177
10 Extremely Effective Tips for Attracting Women
You can date women that are more physically attractive than you! If you just look around you'll see many beautiful women with average guys.   Here are 10 extremely powerful tips for attr...
by Alex  on  05th Jul,09  
Relationship  Views  7173
What Is The Easiest Way To Attract Women
Single men keep searching for answers on  how to attract women.  All single men ask this and wish they had the magic answer to the question what is the easiest way to attract women. Here are...
by Magic  on  05th Jul,09  
Relationship  Views  7163
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